Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hildegarde of Swabia

On this date in our family history . . . the 30th day of April . . . in the year 783 . . . Hildegarde of Swabia dies in Thionville, Moselle, France . . . Hildegarde is a wife of Saint Charlemagne, and is currently believed to be a 34th great-grandma of our Josephine (1842-1899) . . . who is a 2nd great-grandma to the Keeper of this blog . . .

Memoirs of the Queens of France By Annie Forbes Bush: "Hildegarde who succeeded this unfortunate queen was the daughter of a prince of Swabia but although her reign lasted nine years it affords nothing worthy of narration She was but twenty six years of age at the time of her decease and had nine children five daughters and four sons The youngest died the day following his birth the other three were kings one of whom succeeded his father under the title of Louis le Debonnaire or the Meek This princess was buried at Metz in the Abbey of Saint Arnould in 783 and carried to the tomb the regrets of the king and the nation QUEEN HILDEGARDE "

The Eclectic Magazine By John Holmes Agnew, Walter Hilliard Bidwell: "CHARLEMAGNE AND HILDEGARDE EDITOR OF THE ECLECTIC AMONO the great men and monarchs who live in the history of past ages few have surpassed in deeds of renown and extent of dominions the Emperor of the West Charlemagne stood up head and shoulders above all the monarchs who preceded or followed him for centuries Hs historic portrait stands out in bold relief on the canvas seen from afar We have chosen for an embellishment in the present number of THE ECLECTIC a remarkable and graphic scene in the life of Charlemagne It has been beautifully engraved by our artist Mr George E Perine and it is due to our readers to record a brief explanation of the scene in the engraving in order to impart additional interest to the engraving It does not leseen the interest to know that Charlemagne though he lived and died a thousand and fifty "

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