Friday, April 25, 2008

King Sancho IV de Castile

On this date in our family history . . . the 25th day of April . . . in the year 1295 . . . King Sancho IV de Castile dies in Toledo, Spain . . . this Sancho is a 21st great-grandpa of our Josephine (1842-1899) . . . who is a 2nd great-grandma of the Keeper of this blog . . .

The modern part of An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time. By the authors of the ancient part By Universal history: "In the beginning cf the enfuing year the king whofe health had been long declining found himfelf fo much worfe that he refolved to take the fpeedieft and the pro pereft method for fettling his temporal and his fpiritual concerns He made his will in the prefence of the arch biihop of Toledo and of fuch other prelates and great jonjs 33 Were near his perfon by which he appointed the queen tutorefs and regent of the infant Don Ferdinand his fucceflbr to whom the infant Don Henry and all who were prefent took the oath of fidelity f He removed afterwards to Toledo in hope the change of air might have been ferviceable to him but in this he was deceived for foon after his arrival he departed this life on the 25th of April in the"

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