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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Texas Centennial Markers

I belong to a Yahoo group that is made up of descendants of George Roberts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. I descend from one of George's grandsons, Elisha Roberts, who, c. 1824, settled his family in the Ayish Bayou area of what is now east Texas, and proceeded to live his life in such a manner that he left his name inscribed on the pages of Texas history. 

One of Elisha's descendants is my 5th cousin, Hal, who recently made a trip to San Augustine County to see with his own eyes the burial site of Elisha and his wife, Martha "Patsy" Roberts nee Gill. Thanks to assistance from Gary (Hal's 4th cousin once removed), Hal found the burial site and recently shared photos of the Texas Centennial marker that was placed at Elisha's grave in 1936. 

Another of Elisha's descendants is Diane, who is my 3rd cousin twice removed. Today Diane shared info via the Yahoo group about a news item she had read regarding restoration and protection of the above referenced Texas Centennial Markers. I found the article online at -- Ambitious project targets Texas Centennial markers -- along with the following links to further info (provided by Sarah Reveley, who is mentioned frequently in the newspaper article).

The Texas Historical Commission has set up a place to donate on their website. Click on Friends of the THC, Give a Gift at the top, then Friends Donation Form. The form is > HERE < and can be filled in online. Be sure and put Centennial Markers where it says This Gift is for. My website is > HERE < and the TexasEscapes site is > HERE <. My email address is > < and I'll be happy to send you my phone number by return email. Sarah Reveley San Antonio Ferdinand Lindheimer Chapter DRT, New Braunfels

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