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Friday, April 10, 2009

Louis the Stammerer

On this date in our family history . . . the 10th day of April . . . in the year 879 . . . King Louis II of France dies at Compiègne, France . . . it is said that this King of France is a 12th great-grandpa to Robert the Bruce . . . as well as a 20th great-grandpa to Anne Boleyn . . . and a 29th great-grandpa to Laura Bush . . . and a 34th great-grandpa to Prince Charles . . . and a 35th great-grandpa to Lady Diana . . . and a 37th great-grandpa to Faye Dunaway . . . aka Louis the Stammerer, he is also currently believed to be a 32nd great-grandpa to our Josephine (1842-1899) . . .

The Encyclopedia Americana a library of universal knowledge: "toman emperor LOUIS II surnamed LE BEGUE the Stam lerer king of France b 846 d Compiegne Vance 10 April 879 He was the son of harles the Bald was crowned king of Aqui line in 867 and succeeded his father on the irpne of France in 877 He was obliged to diver up Provence to Boson by whom it was reeled into a kingdom His children Louis nd Carloman divided the kingdom between lemselves and a posthumous son afterward nown as Charles the Simple LOUIS III king of France b about 3 d 882 He was the son of Louis II and "

The English historical review By Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Reginald Lane Poole, John Goronwy Edwards, JSTOR (Organization): ". . . the Chronicle states that King Louis the Stammerer, the father of Louis III, died 'in the year when the sun was eclipsed' . . . Louis II died on 10 April 879, but the eclipse was on 29 October 878. Hence if Louis died in the same calendar year as the eclipse it is obvious that the English year 879 must have begun before 29 October 878 and ended some time between April 879 and the following October. In any case, as Mr Stevenson points out 23 it is clear from these instances that we cannot correct all the dates by simply throwing them one year back. . . . "

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