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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Kinfolk on TX Historical Markers

In 1891, Miss Mable Pendleton won a gold medal from the Baylor Historical Society for her essay dealing with the history of Bell County, Texas . . . the following statement is an excerpt from that essay . . .

On July 30th, 1850, Mrs. Matilda F. Allen, nee Connell, conveyed to Bell County out of the Connell League, one hundred and twenty acres of land on which was to be located the permanent county seat of Bell County. It is in this land that Belton is now built. Mrs. Allen was the mother of Mr. John Connell.

This Matilda Connell Allen Allen nee Roberts (1808-1879) is an older sister of Mahala Lee Sharp Hall nee Roberts . . . who is a 3rd-great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog . . . Matilda's name is mentioned on the above historical marker which is located near the Bell County Courthouse in Belton, Texas . . .


CMPointer said...

That is so cool!


lindalee said...

Very special.

Brian D. said...

Neat find ! Thought you may be interested in adding your historical marker to .

From site: "Markeroni, the gentle art of landmark-snarfing is an “informal history” site which provides information about historical markers and landmarks so that you can find them, and a place to log them when you have."

I just recently found this site and haven't tried "snarfing" myself yet. Hope to in the not to distant future.

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