Monday, December 20, 2010

Military Monday :: Help needed finding kin of victims of 1946 plane crash


Back on the 1st of November I shared new-found information about a 1st cousin twice removed -- William Allec Hilton (1921-1946) -- whose military airplane disappeared in 1946. William's mother, Louisa Hooper Hilton Roberts nee Muston (1893-1973), was the baby sister of my paternal great-grandpa, Charlie Muston (1882-1915). So far I have found only one child for William, and he died in 1960 at the age of 17, but I am still researching. Just this past week, I have been contacted by several individuals who are seeking living kith 'n kin of the members of the crew mentioned in the following 1946 newspaper clipping :-

New York Times. November 7, 1946. 8 U.S. AIRMEN MISSING. Col. F.L. Fair Among Those on Board Naples-London Plane. FRANKFORT ON THE MAIN, Germany, Nov. 6 -- The United States Army revealed tonight that the Chief of Staff of the European Air Transport service was among four officers and four enlisted men aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress now overdue five days on a flight from Naples to London. The officer was identified as Col. Ford L. Fair of Washington, D.C. Others listed as missing:

  • Col. Hudson H. Upham, pilot, assistant chief of staff for traffic for EATS, of Los Angeles.
  • Major Lawrence L. Cobb, co-pilot, executive officer traffic section EATS, of Petersburg, Va.
  • Lieut. Alfred D. Ramirez, navigator, of New York City.
  • M-Sgt. John E. Gilbert, engineer, of Frankfort, Ind.
  • T/Sgt. William S. Cassell, assistant radio operator, of Mount Airy, N.C.
  • S/Sgt. William A. Hilton, assistant engineer of San Angelo, Texas.
  • S/Sgt. Zolton J. Dobozich [sic], radio operator, of Butztown, Pa.
Contact has been made with a few family members . . . if any of y'all know any of these men . . . or any of their family members . . . or a good place for information about these men . . . or . . . if you are actually kith or kin of one of these men . . . please do let us know . . . and / or let them know about this project . . . FYI . . . there is an ongoing discussion thread on this topic on the forum . . . and they include a link to the Italian page dedicated to this crew . . . they (the Italians) are planning a ceremony next summer (2011) in honor and in memory of these veterans . . . I set up a virtual cemetery at findagrave for the members of this crew . . . as well as a page for the crew at . . . I also have a separate stand-alone public tree for this crew at which is viewable by those who have a paid membership . . . as well as by those who are invited to the tree (even with a free account) . . .

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