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Saturday, August 06, 2011

SNGF :: Photos of Then and Now

Randy's SNGF challenge for this week is connected to Denise Levenick's photo challenge for World Photography Day . . . which is the 19th of August . . . my first attempt at a then-and-now photo taught me that this method of photography is not as easy as it might look . . . thankfully, Denise has been kind enough to compile a few tips for us . . . what I need to figure out is how to keep everything in focus . . . and how to get everything lined up . . . and how to hold the photo in just the right position while also handling the camera . . . wonder if I can teach Riley to hold the photo for me?!? . . . anyway . . . I have quite a selection of photos I would like to use for this type of then-and-now photo project . . . many of them were taken in Maine and Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the early part of the 20th century . . . so that part of the project will have to wait a while . . . but I also have some postcards and photos of early-day street scenes of my hometown . . . one of those postcards is featured in the collage shown above . . . the building that was the City Hall as well as the I.&G.N. Depot are still standing . . . and these are two of several images I will be using when I try this technique the next time I go to Rockdale . . .

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