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Thursday, July 04, 2013

1650 :: Death of Bertha and Anna

On this date in our family history . . . the 4th day of July . . . in the year 1650 . . . Bertha Frost nee Cadwalla and her teenage daughter, Anna, meet their deaths near the mouth of Sturgeon Creek in York County, Maine . . . this Bertha is a 10th great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey (Google eBook)
Francis Bazley Lee
Lewis historical Publishing Company, 1910

The story of their deaths is told in Newdick's Season of Frost: an interrupted biography of Robert Frost . . .

The founder of Robert Frost's line in America was the Puritan, Nicholas Frost, who may have been on the lower coast of Maine as early as 1632, but who certainly landed with his Devonshire wife, Bertha Cadwalla Frost (b. 1610) and his two sons, John and Charles [ancestor of Robert Frost] -- from "ye Shipp Wulfrana. Alwin Wellborn, Master from Plimouth, Devon" -- in June, 1634, at Little Harbor, now Rye, New Hampshire. After his daughter, Anna, was born there in April, 1636, Nicholas pushed up to the head of Sturgeon Creek, acquired a goodly acreage of land, and settled for life in what is now Eliot, Maine. Despite the fact that he was illiterate -- he signed a petition to Oliver Cromwell with his mark, a combination of N and F -- he served as one of old Kittery's first selectmen.

On July 4, 1650, his wife and daughter were captured by Indians according to Norman S. Frost, whose Frost Genealogy in Five Families, together with Everett A. Stackpole's Old Kittery and Her Families, is the authoritative work on the genealogy of the Frosts on this side of the Atlantic -- "and taken to a camp at the mouth of Sturgeon Creek. Nicholas and his son, Charles, were at York at the time, and on their return, attempted to rescue them, but were unsuccessful. Charles, however, killed a chief and a brave. The next day Charles, his father, and some of the neighbors went back to the camp but were too late. The camp was deserted, only the bodies of Bertha and Anna were found there."


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P. 159 in Old Kittery and her families by Stackpole, Everett Schermerhorn, 1850-1927 || Publication date 1903 || . . . "The tradition has been published that the wife and daughter of Nicholas Frost were killed by Indians . . . There are other evidences that some mythology has grown up about the early history of the Frost family." . . . [read further comments at . . .]

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