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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1692 :: Execution of Mary Parker

On this date in our family history . . . the 22nd day of September . . . in the year 1692 . . . in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts . . . Mary Parker nee Ayer is executed (hanged) after being accused and found guilty of the practice of witchcraft . . . in a book entitled Witchcraft in Salem Village in 1692 the following is recorded regarding this Mary Parker . . . 

Mary Parker was of Andover, and a widow. A warrant for her arrest was issued on September 1, being one of the latest issued for any person who was subsequently executed. She was examined on the following day before Hathorne, Corwin, Gedney and Higginson, "Justices of the peace." She was charged with practicing witchcraft on Martha Sprague of Boxford. . . . more accused persons were convicted and sentenced, namely: Margaret Scott, Wilmot Reed, Samuel Wardwell, Mary Parker, . . . Scott, Reed, Wardwell and Parker were executed on Thursday, the 22d. These, with the four convicted the preceding week, were the last persons hanged for witchcraft in 1692 or, for that matter, ever in Massachusetts. . . . 

This Mary Parker nee Ayer is a 9th great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog . . . the William Barker, Jr. named below as one of Mary's accusers was a young teenage boy at the time . . . and he is a 7th great-grandpa to the Keeper of this family history blog . . . 

Wm Barker Jun'r affirmed to the grand Inquest: that: Mary Parker: did in Company with him s'd Barker : afflict Martha Sprag by: witchcraft. the night before: s'd Barker Confessed: which was: the 1 of Sept'r 1692: this he owned: to the grand Inquest: Sept'r 16: 1692.  Owned in Court

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