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Thursday, February 26, 2015

1824 :: Run Over by a Loaded Wagon

On this date in our family history . . . the 26th day of February . . . in the year 1824 . . . Levi Merrill dies somewhere in Maine (probably in York County) . . . according to The Ancestry of Walter M. Thurston, Levi was "killed by being run over by a loaded wagon" . . . as of this date, his burial location is unknown to this Texas branch of the family . . . this Levi is a 5th great-grandpa to the Keeper of this family history blog . . . 

Friday, February 13, 2015

1804 :: Will of William Gill

On this date in our family history . . . the 13th day of February . . . in the year 1804 . . . the will of William Gill is signed in Green County, Kentucky . . . this William Gill is the father of Martha (Patsy) Roberts nee Gill . . . who is the mother of Anna & Elizabeth & Esther & Matilda & William & Noel & MAHALA & Felix & Margaret . . . and Mahala Lee Sharp Hall nee Roberts is the mother of Samuel Houston Sharp . . . who is the father of Berta Mary Henry nee Sharp (1873-1955) . . . who is a maternal great-grandma of the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

In the name of God Amen

I William Gill of the County of Green, being sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and Memory, thanks be given to Almighty God, calling to mind the Mortality of My body, knowing that it is appointed to all men once to die. make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say principally I recommend my soul to god who gave it, and my Body I commit to the dust to be Buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors. Now wishing such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased god to Bless me with, I give desire and Bequeath it as follows. IMPRIMIS.

First I leave and Bequeath unto my Daughter Sally Robinson Thirteen Hundred and Fifty Acres of Land on Sandy By paying Two Hundred Dollars in property at its Real Value to my Daughter Peggy Gill out of Said Land, likewise I give my Daughter Sally a Negro Girl named Jane to her and her Heirs Forever.

Likewise my Daughter Patsy Roberts I Leave Two Hundred Acres of Land on Bays Fork of Big Barren joining the land he now lives on. Also one Negro man named Red to her and her Heirs Forever.

Likewise I give to my Daughter Peggy and Esther Gill the land I now live on to be divided equally in quality betwixt them Including the purchase made from Mr. John Abney.

Also one Negro Woman Sarah to my Daughter Peggy to her and her Heirs Forever.

Also one negro Girl named Poe to my Daughter Esther to her and her Heirs forever.

Also one Young man two years old to my Daughter Esther.

And as for my Stock and movable property to be sold at public sale to discharge my Lawful debts at twelve months Credit Likewise all my bonds and notes when Collected to be equally Divided among my Legatees.

I Likewise constitute make and ordain Allen Wakefield and William Brownlee Executors to this my Last will and Testament and I do hereby utterly revoke and disanul all and every other and former will Legacies, Bequeaths, and executors by me in any wise before named willed and Bequeath Ratifying and Confirming this to be my Last will and testiment.

In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Thirteenth day of February one thousand Eight hundred and Four. The word (and Fifty) and (Sally) interlined Before signing.

Will. Gill

Will. McMurty
Will Brownlee

Copy Teste John Barnett D.C.G.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1752 :: Death of Mary Barker nee Barker

On this date in our family history . . . the 10th day of February . . . in the year 1752 . . . Mary Barker nee Barker dies in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts . . . her parents are John Barker and Mary Stevens . . . Mary was predeceased by her husband (and her first cousin), William Barker, Jr., who was a son of William Barker, Sr. and Mary Dix . . . Mary (b. 1679) and William, Jr. are 7th great-grandparents to the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sentimental Sunday :: Our Wedding

Forty years ago
on the evening of
the 8th day of February
in the year 1975
we were presented
to family and friends
Mr. and Mrs. Everhart
. . .
sunrise, sunset
sunrise, sunset
swiftly fly the years
one season following another
laden with happiness
and tears
. . .

Saturday, February 07, 2015

1685 :: Birth of John Kimball

On this date in our family history . . . the 7th day of February . . . in the year 1685 . . . according to the History of the Kimball Family . . . John Kimball is born . . . 

This John Kimball is a 7th great-grandpa to the Keeper of this family history blog, as follows . . .

JOHN KIMBALL 1685-1763
&1744 TIMOTHY BARKER 1720-1752
ASA BARKER 1748-1822
&1767 LUCY PORTER 1751-1822
&ca 1805 MAHITABLE PORTER FARNUM 1785-1811
&1831 JERUSHA LAKIN HOBBS 1810-/1870
&1857 ATWOOD FRANK SMITH 1837-1907
&1894 EVA MAY BRACKETT 1874-1936
&1929 ROBERT E HENRY 1905-1976
Keeper's Mom [living]
&1950 FORREST LEE POUNDERS 1927-1996

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