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Friday, August 20, 2010

Festival of Postcards :: Locomotion

I accept your invitation with genuine delight,- If you cannot reach the station I'll find the way all right; I've named above the train I'll take and time that it is due, Don't think of me as "Company," but as really one of you. . . . Train arrives at . . . Over the . . . This is an unused "locomotion" postcard from my private collection . . . Publisher G. E. Prince, Buffalo, N.Y. . . . the clock shows the train will be arriving at 8:26 . . .

'Tis quite a while since last we met. But we must bide as Fate disposes. Until we meet, lest you forget. I'm sending you this card of roses. . . . from . . . Mary Haine, Warren, Ohio, August 24th, 1912 . . . to . . . Mrs. James Dunlap, W. Farmington, Trumbull Co., Ohio . . . 8-23-12. My dear Friend: I was so sorry not to see you last week when I was in F. Had hoped you would be able to be at the grounds. Would like to have stayed all night so I could have come up and seen you. Was only there between trains and Mother and I went to the Cemetery. Do hope you will be able to get to Warren this fall. Sincerely Mary H. . . . This postcard from my private collection (no known relation) was published by F.A. Owen Co., Dansville, N.Y. and features a penny stamp . . .

These postcard collages were prepared for the 9th Festival of Postcards . . . hosted by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault . . .

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