Thursday, May 29, 2008

1780 :: Massacre of the Waxhaws

On this date in our extended family history . . . the 29th day of May . . . in the year 1780 . . . it is said that Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton massacres Colonel Abraham Buford's continentals . . . allegedly after the continentals surrender . . . 113 Americans are killed . . . this Buford is a great-grand-uncle of our William Paschal Henry (1836-1912) . . . who is a 2nd great-grandpa of the Keeper of this family history timeline . . .

The True Andrew Jackson
By Cyrus Townsend Brady

"His boyhood experiences were strenuous in the extreme and gave a further twist to his natural Celtic dislike to the British On the twenty ninth of May 1780 Colonel Tarleton with his rangers fell upon four hundred American Continentals and militiamen mainly Virginians under Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Buford and what has been called the Massacre of the Wax haws ensued The history of the resulting conflict is "

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