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Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sercey

These little ones being held by their fathers are first cousins . . . on the left is my Dad, Forrest Lee Pounders (1927-1996), son of Ima (1906-1999) & Jake (1902-1957) Pounders . . . on the right is Sercey Quinney, son of Shorty (1907-2002) & Dean Quinney (1901-1987) . . . Ima and Shorty were two of seven daughters born to Charlie & Emma (Nettles) Muston . . . Sercey is celebrating his 84th birthday today . . .

Happy Birthday, Sercey!


Terri said...

I just love your scrapbook pages! Where do you get such beautiful backgrounds? Very nice!

BeNotForgot said...

Thanks, Terri! I tried responding via email to the notice I received of your comment. Guessing it did not get to you? My email is on my profile if you want to follow up. vle

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