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Sunday, January 16, 2011

1864 :: Nellie miscarries while Sam is in jail

On this date in our family history . . . the 16th day of January . . . in the year 1864 . . . in Houston County, Texas . . . Mary Alexandrien (Nellie) SHARP nee LEMAIRE (my 2nd great-grandma) has a miscarriage while her husband, Sam, is still in jail (see yesterday's post) . . . this is one of those facts of life that would be completely unknown to those of us who are Nellie's descendants were it not for the following entry from the daily Journal of Nellie's husband's step-brother / brother-in-law, James Madison Hall (1819-1866) . . .

Saturday, January 16th, 1864. Today I am still in Crockett and Sam is still in confinement and as I said in yesterday's notes on no charge but mere suspicion that he is liable to conscription. The reign of Military despotican is now complete, and a man not in the Army dares not say that his life is his own or that he owned one dollars worth of property. I left Crockett late in the evening after having failed to obtain Sam's release. upon my arrival at home I found as I have previously expected that Nellie had miscarried. this catastrophy was hastened by the cruel and hostal arrest of her husband.

If the agents of the Government think this is the proper way to make good soldiers for its armies by dragging husbands from wives who are almost at the point of death, I must humbly beg leave to differ with them.

Dr. Murchison and Mother [Mahala Sharp Hall nee Roberts] were in attendance upon Nellie. at night Sam came home to see his wife having been released upon his parole to return on Monday night. Dr. Murchison & Mother remained all night. . . .

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Beth Niquette said... poignant and sad. Amazing letter from the past. How fortunate you are to have this window into the past.

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