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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sentimental Sunday :: Reunion

Left to right, these gentleman of the 1950s are --

Jim is a family friend . . . Fuzzy is my Dad . . . Weldon is a 1st cousin once removed (but always referred to as Uncle Weldon) . . . and Robert is Uncle Bob (Mom's brother) . . . Jim died this week, on the 3rd of February . . . as this photo from the 1950s demonstrates, he is a part of our childhood memories . . . but I did not realize until just this week that Jim is actually a 1st cousin once removed to some of my Dad's 1st cousins (i.e., the Quinneys) . . . his funeral is being held today, the 7th day of February, in Rockdale . . . Jim will be buried beside his 1st wife, Bettie Jane Robbins nee Bartlett (1933-1964), the mother of his only child . . . RIP, Jim . . . give Dad and Uncle Weldon and Uncle Bob a hug for me when you see them . . . see y'all next time . . .


Joan said...

Yes, indeed, a sentimental reunion. They looked like they were "good guy friends. A very nice way to remember them.

Life Goes On said...

What a cute photo. They look like four fun loving cute young men. Happiness and smiles. Thank you for sharing this great photo.

BeNotForgot said...

Thank y'all for stopping by to meet these guys. I can just see them now, together again, and having fun catching up! V.

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