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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1841 & 1842 :: Sterne Visitors

From the 28th September of 1840 until the 18th day of November 1851, Nicholas Adolphus Sterne kept a diary of his daily activities, which is a valuable source of information on the period of the Republic of Texas (1836-1846). The names of some of our kith 'n kin are scattered through these pages. . . .

Republic of Texas
1841 & 1842

Wednesday the 23d [of June 1841] cool Breze all day. Elisha Roberts passed trough here on his way home from Austin, heard of the Death of Mrs Debard, Jas Hall from crockett passed trough.

Thursday 23 [of June 1842] Cloudy and a little rain in the Evening-- Mr A. McDonald of Austin, arrived with his Lady, the youngest Daughter of E[l]isha Roberts Esqr of San Angustin County-- only married on the 15th inst-- Eastern mail arrived in the afternoon brought nothing at all at all

  • Elisha Roberts = a 4th great-grandpa of the Keeper of this blog
  • Jas Hall = James Madison Hall (1819-1866), who is the stepson as well as son-in-law of my 3rd great-grandma, Mahala Lee Sharp Hall nee Roberts (1816-1885)
  • Mr. A. McDonald & his Lady = Alexander McDonald (ca. 1814-1852) and his new wife, Margaret S. Roberts (1822-1892), who is the youngest sister of my 3rd great-grandma, Mahala

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