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Sunday, May 12, 2013

1902 :: Bell County Killing

On this date in our extended family history . . . the 12th day of May . . . in the year 1902 . . . the following news items were published in various Texas newspapers . . . the deceased, John H. Connell, is a 1st cousin four times removed to the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

Dallas Morning News, May 12, 1902. Bell County Killing. . . . Special to The News. Belton, Tex., May 11. -- John H. Connell, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of this city, died last night from the effects of a knife cut. The knife struck him in the left arm, severing an artery and passing on out almost to the hollow about the heart. His son, John Connell, was arrested, and is now in jail.

Of wounds Which Were Inflicted by His Son.

Belton, Texas, May 11. -- Mr. John H. Connell died from his wounds last night at 10 o'clock.

This is the most deplorable tragedy that ever occurred in this community. The facts leading to the sad affair as they can be gathered are that the father and son had gotten into a dispute over some trivial matter when the son gave his father the lie, whereupon he slapped him in the face. The son at once drew his knife and cut his father in the arm between the shoulder and elbow, severing the brachial artery which caused so much loss of blood before medical aid could be had that death was inevitable.

Mr. Connell served throughout the war as a Confederate soldier and was conspicuous for his daring and bravery. He leaves a wife, three sons, two daughters, and many relatives to mourn his death. He will be laid to rest at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon in the North Belton cemetery. Funeral services conducted by Dr. H.A. Bouslard.

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