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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

1899 :: A Well Known Lady Dragged to Death Near Rockdale


A Well Known Lady
Dragged to Death Near Rockdale.


Austin American-Statesman
Austin, Texas
31 Oct 1899, Tue  •  Page 4


Special to The Statesman.

ROCKDALE, Tex., Oct. 30. -- A horrible accident occurred near here Saturday, which resulted in the death of Mrs. W. P. Henry, a well known and most estimable lady, wife of a farmer. She was alone in her buggy, and from some cause her horse ran away. She was thrown from the buggy and her hair coming down, caught in a wheel and winding around the axel of the buggy, Mrs. Henry's neck was broken and she was horribly injured in other ways, having been dragged about two miles. She leaves a husband and several children.




Chris Olson said...

How tragic and traumatic that had to have been for her family! I have an ancestor on my mom's side who was walking along train tracks in Nebraska and didn't hear the oncoming train. It hit her and she lost her head in he accident. The newspaper articles were rough to read.

BeNotForgot said...

Thanks for stopping by, Chris . . . we had always heard this story about our Josephine, but could never find even one news report to verify it . . . until we figured out that her DOD on her tombstone had been carved incorrectly, and that she actually died in October instead of January, i.e. . . . the grave marker indicates that Josephine's date of death was 01-28-1899 BUT . . . multiple newspaper accounts have proven that her date of death was actually 10-28-1899 . . . since then we have found multiple news clippings, with this one being the most recent find . . .

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