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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sterne Diary mentions Mrs. Elisha Roberts

From September 28, 1840, to November 18, 1851, Nicholas Adolphus Sterne kept a diary of his daily activities, which is a valuable source of information on the period of the Republic of Texas. The names of some of our kith 'n kin are scattered through these pages, including the following mention of Mrs. Elisha Roberts, who is a 4th great-grandma of the Keeper of this blog. Mrs. Sublett is one of her daughters. 

Tuesday the 17th January [1843] weather still moderate-- Concluded not to go any further East, Sabine very high-- Mr Hoya went on with C. H. Gibson to Natchitochez-- and myself returned to San Augustin, Stopped on the Road to see my old friend and acquaintance Mrs Elisha Roberts also Mr and Mrs Sublett, arrived at San Augustin at 11 A. M. Dined with Deyoung. heard Miss Morange perform on the Piano-- herself and her Brother performed a Duet composed by Braham it was a treat indeed, such a one as I do not expect again in Texas-- left San Augustin at 2 oclock P. M, and stopped all night at Walter Murrays

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