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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1956 Christmas Tree

The dolls my sister and I are holding in this photo were Christmas presents from our Uncle Bob (1930-1997). The tree is a live cedar like many of those brought in by my Dad during the years of our childhood . . . he would go out into the woods somewhere around Rockdale or Tanglewood, select what he deemed to be a suitable tree, cut it down, and bring it home. With the allergies he had (and so generously passed on to most of us), I don't know how we endured having those cedar trees in the house. I actually do not remember a huge problem with allergies when I was young, but by the time I was living in Austin in the 1970s, I was taking allergy shots, with cedar big on the list of known allergens. 

This particular collage was originally created for Captured Moments in the 2009 Holiday Edition of Shades the Magazine. And > HERE < is my blogpost for the 1st day of December for the 2009 Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. 

This is posted for inclusion in the special holiday meme known as the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Now hosted through Geneabloggers, it was originally dreamed up back in 2007 by Thomas and Jasia (aka the Queen of the Carnival).


Amanda said...

So precious! You and your sister are just adorable in these pictures.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Do you still have the dolls? :)

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