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Monday, December 06, 2010

Advent Calendar :: Dere Santey Claus

The two adorable girls in the collage to your right are my little sisters, writing their letters to Santa ca. 1958. 

They also appear in the dere santey claus collage in footnoteMaven's 2009 Holiday Edition of Shades the Magazine

In the excerpt below you will find what I imagine the letter they are writing might have said, as well as samples of some letters to Santa as published in December of 1899 in the Dallas Morning News. Since I am online via a dial-up connection at my home, I like to download Shades from it's bookshelf at, and then view it page-by-page in PDF format.


Lori H said...

How precious that you would have a photograph of this. It's just beautiful!

FranE said...

I love your page. So sweet

A rootdigger said...

That is a nice keep sake and so pretty too. I wish I had not stuffed my phos and little memory things into in a drawer, then the stuff in the drawer in a box, then it must have been shuffled here and mixed in several boxes.... you get the pic.
I am so glad to see someone actually do it and show it.
WHen Iget around to it.

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