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Saturday, June 06, 2009

100 years ago ... for Saturday Night with Randy ...

For tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy Seaver -- my new-found distant cousin!* (clarify :: didn't just find HIM but did just find that we are related!) -- says that "Tonight's Genealogy Fun is to tell --

  • Which of your ancestors were alive in 1909? Where your ancestral families were living in 1909. What country, state, county, city/town, etc. Who was in the family at the time? Use the 1910 census as "close enough."

  • On the 6th day of June in the year 1909 . . . on my Dad's side of the family . . .
    • His father, Jacob Edmund Forrest POUNDERS (1902-1957) -- who is one of twelve children -- is a month shy of his 7th birthday and living in Manor, Travis County, Texas with his parents, James Madison POUNDERS (1867-1942) and Mary Susan [CAIN?] POUNDERS (1873-1950). Also in the house in 1909 would have been these siblings -- Zula Rodoski (1889-1968), Margaret Darthula (1891-1963), James Thomas Luther (1893-1984), William Rufus Oscar (1895-1979), Anna Virilla (1896-1978), Minnie Ruth Estelle (1899-1976), Fannie Myrtle Lee (1904-1947) and Everett Franklin (1908-1910). Bernice (1913-1999) and Freddie Benjamin (1916-1987) came along later.
      • The widowed mother of James Madison POUNDERS -- Nancy Virilla (QUINN) POUNDERS (1847-1930) -- is living in Franklin County, Alabama, with her married daughter, Annie (POUNDERS) GRISSOM and her husband, John Wesley, and three of their children -- Luther Wesley, Rutha and Eva.
      • And while I have not been able to find the widowed mother of Mary Susan (CAIN?) POUNDERS on the 1910 Census, it is said that Susanna (HOLLAND) CAIN came to Texas ca. 1896 with her daughter and family and lived with them until her death in Texas in 1930.
    • In 1909, Dad's mother -- Ima Lois (MUSTON) POUNDERS -- is only 3 years old and would have been living with her parents, Charley MUSTON (1882-1815) and Emma Patience (NETTLES) MUSTON (1882-1964), in Lee County, Texas. Ima is the 2nd of seven children -- all girls -- Erma Audrey (1904-1991), Ima Lois (1906-1999), Mollie Gertrude (1907-2002), Stella May (1909-2001), Nona Amy (1911-2002), Gladys Coreen (1913-2007), and Pauline Lucille (1915-2004).
      • Charley's widowed father, William Alexander MUSTON (1854-1936), is living with his son in Lee County, Texas.
      • Emma's widowed mother, Mary Annie (WEST) NETTLES (1852-1939), is also living in Lee County in 1909 -- with her unmarried son, William Edward Nettles (1874-1947).

    On the 6th day of June in the year 1909 . . . on my Mom's side of the family . . .
    • Her father, Robert E. HENRY (1905-1976), is living with his parents -- Edgar HENRY (1872-1950) and Berta Mary (SHARP) HENRY (1873-1955) just north of Rockdale in Milam County, Texas. Siblings in the household in 1909 would have included Rubie May (1895-1978), George Rettig (1897-1977), Frank (1899-1952), Milton Edgar (1902-1975), and Oscar Lee (1907-1981). Another brother will be born, and die, on 16 Sept 1909, followed by one more sister, Nellie Josephine, in 1912.
      • Edgar's widowed father, William Paschal HENRY (1836-1912) is living with his son in Milam County.
      • Berta's parents and grandparents are all dead by long before 1909.
    • Mom's Mother -- Elizabeth Marilla (SMITH) HENRY (1912-1932) -- is not on the scene yet, but Elizabeth's parents -- Thomas Warren Alonzo SMITH (1866-1920) and Eva May BRACKETT (1874-1936) -- are living at 43 Prospect Street in Biddeford, Maine, where they operate a florist and landscaping business. They have one child in 1909 -- Thomas, Jr. (1904-1959).
      • Thomas' parents are both dead by 1909, but Eva's adoptive parents -- Peter BRACKETT (1838-1927) and Elizabeth J. (MERRILL) BRACKETT (1841-1911) -- are renting at 74 Beach Street in Saco, Maine, while her birth mother -- Phoebe (MERRILL) MORSE TRIPP (1848-bef. 1930) -- is living in Gorham, Maine with another married daughter. The birth father will probably never be known.

    *It does seem that Randy and I both descend from the same Aquila CHASE (1618-1670) and Anne WHEELER (1627-1687) -- Randy via their son, Thomas (1654-1733), and his wife, Rebecca Follansbee -- and me via their son, Aquila (1652-1720), and his wife, Esther BOND, whose daughter, Esther (1674-1751) married Daniel MERRILL (1670-1725), and they are 4th great-grandparents of the Phoebe MERRILL mentioned above, who is one of my 2nd great-grandmas.

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