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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 :: Shades of the Departed

Have you met footnoteMaven aka fM . . . or seen the premier issue of her digital magazine . . . Shades of the Departed?

If not, you are missing out on a real treat!

Upon introducing Shades to the readers, fM tells of a 19th century photographer by the name of Abraham Bogardus who uses the term Shades of the Departed in describing a display of personal photos left unclaimed in a photographic gallery. 

It does seem that this particular arrangement of words, along with a large assortment of old photos with fates similar to those referred to in the quote, were just waiting for fM -- an avowed keeper, lover, collector, student and guardian of old photos and related paraphernalia -- to find them and bring them out of the shadows of time.

Please do take the time to go take a leisurely stroll through the pages of Shades. Besides being a feast for the eyes, the articles by an assortment of talented Shades contributors are most informative and entertaining.

In the comments section on the introduction of Shades, Denise Levenick aka The Family Curator wrote ... Congratulations, dear fM, and thank you for bringing us along for the ride. It is wonderful! 

That comment said it all for me, and also brought to mind a quote from a 1987 episode of Designing Women in which the elegant Julia Sugarbaker is praising her former brother-in-law, Dash Goff, the writer. Taking a little literary license with her Southern-belle wording, I give you the following tribute to fM and Shades:-

If you all could quit reading Shades for one second, I have something here I've been working on. "footnoteMaven, a lover of photos, mostly old, and words - all kinds. And when she got them both together between two covers, it was a rip-roaring, firecracking, roller coaster of a ride, and we are all better for having bought a ticket."

Thanks for the ticket, fM. I'm enjoying the ride! V.

For those of you who have inquired in the past about the digiscrap processes used in showcasing the images of my kith 'n kin . . . many of the steps involved are explained in detail in the forget-me-not article appearing in the premier issue of Shades. Our Berta Mary appears in the collage accompanying the how-to article, which also looks into the possible history of Forget Me Not Day.

FYI . . . if you are unable to view Shades of the Departed while using Firefox (as is the case for the Keeper of this family history blog), please try viewing this page in Chrome . . .

Captured Moments from Shades of the Departed


Caroline said...

V~ Thank you for mentioning that episode of Designing Women. That is exactly what I was thinking when I read what Denise wrote! That is too funny. I love roller coasters... :)


Thomas MacEntee said...

I knew there had to be another reason I liked you - Designing Women!

My favorite clip:

BeNotForgot said...

Caroline and Thomas, thank y'all for stopping by. I just love Julia Sugarbaker's little speeches -- I can hear her talking right now!

Thomas, I'm working at home today (with a dial-up connection), so I'll take a look at your clip when I go to the office tomorrow.

For all y'all Texans and / or Aggies who are reading here -- Caroline is a fellow Texan, and a TAMU graduate, and is also a new contributor to Shades of the Departed. Her article on the 1930 census is very thorough, and taught me a few things I did NOT know. Click on her screenname to view her profile, and her list of active blogs.


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