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Sunday, November 01, 2009

1848 :: Birth of our Phoebe

On this date in our family history . . . the 1st day of November . . . in the year 1848 . . . a baby girl is born in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine . . . she is the 4th child, and 3rd daughter, in this New England family, and is given the name of Phoebe / Phebe . . . seven more children will join the Merrill household following the birth of this little one . . . Phoebe is a younger sister of Elizabeth J. "Lizzie" Brackett nee Merrill (1841-1911), who for many years was assumed and believed to be the maternal grandma of my maternal grandma, Elizabeth Marilla Henry nee Smith (1912-1932) . . . but . . . according to the family lore passed on to us in the past decade from some new New England cousins, tis this Phoebe, instead of Lizzie, who is actually the ancestor of the Keeper of this family history blog. . . .

For more details on this story, take a look at Ripples in the pool of life . . .


Caroline said...

I love it! A family story that "pops" up is exciting, isn't it? Life wasn't always "cut and dry" back then ~ a good thing to remember for all of us as we research our families. I also find comfort in the notion that our ancestors were human, like us!


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, how wonderful! Stories of our roots are such fabulous finds--and so fascinating to hear.

They were just like us, without technology. (grin)

Les said...

I could only hope for "Pop Up" answer for my Grandfather from Maine. He doesn't show up with the family in the 1880 census as he should. Shows up in the 1900 as a 20yr old. I often wondered if he'd was adopted, but none of the older "cousins" spoke of it.

BeNotForgot said...

Thank y'all for stopping by to meet our Phoebe on her birthday. This story is definitely a continuing journey.

If this discovery had depended on me asking the right questions, I might never have known that Phoebe was the woman who gave birth to our Eva May -- I had no reason to suspect that Lizzie was not her birth-mother.

This information was gently spoon-fed to me about 10 years ago by a dear cousin unknown to me before that time. I am forever thankful that she sought me out, and took the time to tactfully give me this part of our family heritage.

I have since wondered quite often if I am asking the right questions when I seek information on other kith 'n kin. Are there other stories out there being held in silence with an attitude of don't ask, don't tell?

I don't seek an embellished pretty story -- just the facts, ma'am!

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