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Saturday, July 11, 2009

1861 :: Marriage of Sam & Nellie

On this date in our family history . . . the 11th day of July . . . in the year 1861 . . . Mary Alexandrien "Nellie" Lemaire becomes the bride of Samuel Houston Sharp in Liberty County, Texas . . . as recorded by James Madison Hall on that hot summer's Thursday . . .

Be it remembered & known that Samuel H. Sharp & Miss Mary Alexandrien Lamier, were united together in the bonds of wedlock, & I rather expect at night there was some very sharp shooting took place, this however is only a surmise. Capt. Wrigley & Ed. Jones came in from their camp to attend said wedding, where all passed off pleasantly & agreeably to all in attendance. Weather clear & warm . . .

This Sam & Nellie are the parents of Berta Mary Henry nee Sharp (1873-1955) . . . who is a great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

  • Washington, DC. 11 July 1861. The Senate expells the Senators from Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Texas, plus one from Tennessee. This was a mere formality, since they had already departed for home.
  • Manassas, Virginia. 21 July 1861. "Look, there is Jackson standing like a stone wall."
  • Washington, DC. 22 July 1861. The House passes the Crittenden Resolution. The same resolution passes the US Senate on the 25th.
  • The US Navy begins a blockade of Galveston Harbor in July 1861, but the town remains in Confederate hands for the next 14 months.
  • Washington, D.C. July 1861. Mathew Brady and team of 20 aides begin photographic record of Civil War.
  • FREE 1861 news from the New York Times

While we have no idea as to whether or not our Sam & Nellie had a wedding cake, the following recipe from an 1841 cookbook is mayhaps similar to one that might have been used if they did indeed have a cake . . .

The American Frugal Housewife
Dedicated to Those who are Not Ashamed of Economy
By Lydia Maria Francis Child
WEDDING CAKE Good common wedding cake may be made thus Foui pounds of flour three pounds of butter three pounds of sugar four pounds of currants two pounds of raisins twenty four eggs half a pint of brandy or lemon brandy one ounce of mace and three nutmegs A little molasses makes it dark colored which is desirable Half a pound of citron improves it but it is not necessary To be baked two hours and a half or three hours After the oven is cleared it is well to shut the door for eight or ten minutes to let the violence of the heat subside before cake or bread is put in To make icing for your wedding cake beat the whites of eggs to an entire froth and to each egg add five tea spoonfuls of sifted loaf sugar gradually beat it a great while Put it on when

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