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Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. George's Day

Great Hall at Kenilworth Castle
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On the afternoon before St. George's Day, 1376, April bloomed in Warwickshire. The young lambs bleated from the pastures beyond the mere, while a hazy gold light turned the sandstone of the battlements to the color of a robin's breast. All Kenilworth Castle, cleansed & garlanded for the festivities, waited for the Duke to come again. Katherine sat on a sunny stone bench in the Inner Court near the old keep . . .

Katherine . . . that's the name of the historical novel the above excerpt is from . . . written by Anya Seton (1916-1990) . . . and published in 1954 . . . Katherine is still read and enjoyed and discussed by many . . . and according to current research, it does appear that this same Katherine is a 16th great-grandma to our Josephine . . . who is a 2nd great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog . . .

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